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alu sled hobby

The perfect model for all hobby-tobogganist and families. 

Our standard model is ultra-light, so you could carry it uphill without any big efforts. 

Special characteristics of this model:

- comfortable sitting on the upholstered seat 

- easy handling

- easy steering with the extendable steering belt

- ideal for snow paths (runner inclination of 20°)

Trade prices and more information available on request! 

We will be pleased to receive your inquiry!

Alu-sled hobby single seater 105 Size: 105 cm Weight: 5,0 kg Seats: Single seater Suitable for: Kids/Teenager <165cm
Price: € 286.00
Alu-sled hobby single seater 115 Size: 115 cm Weight: 5,5 kg Seats: Single seater Suitable for: Adults >165cm
Price: € 306.00
Alu-sled hobby double seater Size: 115 cm Weight: 6,0 kg Seats: Double seater Suitable for: 2 persons
Price: € 317.00