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sledge trousers Sledwear

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Sledge trousers SLEDWEAR

New! Water-resistant sledge trousers

A wet bottom while sledging is a thing of the past!

The new sled trousers “Sledwear” offer you the comfort, which you need while sledding:

  • protection against wetness and cold on the sled
  • fast putting on and taking off due to the high elasticity of the material
  • -no matter if over jeans or ski pants, it can be put on over every pair of pants
  • with adjustable velcro-fastener on the waist

Material: 90% Neoprene, 10% Nylon

Available in the following sizes:
M (until 75kg body weight)                                         
L ( 75 – 90 kg body weight)                                         
XL (from ca. 90 kg body weight)

Care and cleaning advices:

Clean with clear water and leave it dry on both sides
For drying it isn’t recommendable to put it directly in the sun
Do not leave the pants in wet condition in the car or in a bag


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